Tau and Chaos Incoming

Got a Tau and Chaos trade coming in.

1X Dark Apostle
1X Abaddon
1X Lord Discordant
1X chaos Space Marine Box
2X Havocs boxes
1X Plague marine box
1X Ethereal
1X Darkstrider
1X Cadre Fireblade
3X Fire Warrior/Breacher boxes
1X Pathfinder box
1X Broadside
1X Hammerhead
3X Riptide
1X OOP Commander Upgrade Pack
1X OOP FW Vehicle Launcher Upgrade Pack


Several unbuilt gun drones, 
8X Tactical drone sprues(16 drones) with flight stands, 
17X Built markerlight, 
18X built gun drones, 
4X Pathfinder specialty drones
1X custom Farsight
1X custom Cadre Fireblade, base painted/primed
1X Shadowsun(metal) with her drones. She is magnetized for both head options as well as several weapon option for some reason. painted, drones unpainted
1X Devilfish that may be missing some parts
2X Devilfish built, 1 poorly primed, 1 beautifully painted
2X Hammerheads, both seem to be base painted
48X Fire Warriors with pulse rifles, all but 3 painted
10X Fire Warriors with pulse carbines, painted 
6X stealth suits, 4 of which are the beautiful old sculpt! 5 painted, one primed
8X Pathfinders(OOP metal), including one rail rifle. Painted
12X crisis suits. Unpainted, but beautifully based, dynamically posed, and magnetized for all options. Rare 5 CIB's included!
A bunch of extra parts including some third party
CSM half of Shadowspear NOS
DG half of Dark Imperium built
most current Codex's for: DG, Tau, And CSM, as well as the Tau datacard



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