Mother's Whaaaaaa?

My eyes popped open this morning.  Holy Crud-mobile Batman!  It's Mother's Day!

Fortunately my wife had the foresight to buy herself a bunch of gifts which she placed by my bed, ready to be wrapped.  Actually, she was even wiser than that and provided gift bags.

I heard footsteps upstairs and thought Holy Crud! She's up already and making herself breakfast!  So I ran upstairs (as you may recall I'm sleeping in the guest room, more on that) to find McKenna already making Mother's day breakfast for her.  Hooray!  So, I piggybacked on that to make it "our" breakfast and all was well.

Or as Gately says: You snooze, you will probably get out of some work.

Anyway, it was off to church where my wife and I work in the Primary as teachers.  Giving parents a two hour a week break from their kids basically.  I view that as community service.



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