Surprise Lots

NOTE: I have completely suspended this program.

Here's how it works.  You pay $6.00 per lot.  You choose a game and race for each lot that you purchased.  You will receive $15-30 retail of models from that race.  We pick.  They could be new on sprue, assembled, or painted (for better or worse!).  You don't pick what you get, that's the catch.

This is kind of like that thing where I was selling the bins full of 40K or Fantasy baggies, except you get to pick what army you get.

Contact Thomas at if you want to purchase some lots. Or call 801 372 8545. We need money via CC (by phone or email) or Paypal. Paypal address is

Buy direct from our website.

Here are the choices

Any of the major published races
Exceptions: we are out of Tau, Daemons, Sisters of Battle,
Low on Necrons.

Warhammer Fantasy
Any of the major published races
We are still inventorying so check first.

War Machine
Limited to just the general game- can't pick a faction except War Machine or Hordes
For War Machine we just have Legion, Cryx, Menoth.

$9 flat in US (for any number of lots)
$15 to Canada
$35 to Australia/NZ/Japan
$25 most other places (eg Europe)

We combine shipping so you pay only the one flat amount even if you get multiple lots.



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