Fallen from Planet Zamunda

This week I am playing Art Director, checking every bolt on the ship to be sure it is all running well.  I'm downstairs at the studio with fourteen artists making the rounds again and again.  We're in dense and hostile jungle doing something that has not been done before: bringing professionality and reliability to the miniatures assembly and painting industry.  We are creating an industry from scratch.

At this moment I am watching one of my favorite 80s movies, Coming to America.  The clock has just turned past 12:00 midnight.  The last few months I've had deeper and more frequent spiritual experiences.  It's like I'm becoming enlightened.  And at the same time I am aware of my own ignorance and superstition.  They are falling from me like dark scales.  I am open to new ideas.  I know that I don't know.  I see truth and insight wherever I look.

At the studio I get multiple revelations per day.  How things can be run better, more streamlined?  What obvious things am I missing?

I'm killing sacred cows to make idea-burgers.

"We are well rid of those material things."

Family life is a pleasure as usual.  I love my kids and there is an almost un-ending peace and delight in my household.  I know it sounds trite, like it can't be true, but seriously I have a lot to be grateful for.  It's easy to lose sight of what's important when it's right there.

So, I'm really beating the bottoms of my feet sore making the rounds as art director this week, but the two weeks before that I actually took some time off from the studio.  No email or anything, just making batreps at night during week one.  Then we took a family vacation to Snowbird.  I think that might be the location for Valhalla 2013, still looking into it.  We'll be announcing dates for that in October.

Snowbird is awesome beyond belief.  I've gone there every year for like eight years now and it never hit me that I might have an event out there.  Right in front of my face.  We'll see what numbers they get back with.  Oh, and it's looking to be a six or seven day event this coming year.  We're going to really make it a whole spread.

In the meantime we are gearing up for October 10-13 Valhalla.  Got my friend Nick coming out from Worthy Painting and also Dave Lewis from Hawk Wargames.  Hugely awesome.  And Miniwargaming.  I'm stoked.  There's still one glorious ticket left for that.



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