Fungus Nids- Shawn's Dream Tyranid Army Update

Here's what I have now.  Just the kits and nothing assembled or painted yet.  It's creeping up on 2500 points.

2x Flying Hive Tyrants
2x Tervigons (as troops)
3x Hive Guard
3x Venomthrope (using forge world meiotic spores, the awesome way that I like)
3x Zoanthropes
1x Tyrannofex

Awesome models.  They make me happy just looking at them.

What I'm short is Termagants.  This one aspect is really putting me behind and I am hoping that someone will trade me in some Termagants.  I need like 50x of them.  Probably more, really.

10x Termagants
10x Termagants
40x Termagants for spawning

A good friend of mine, the collector of the first and second rounds of fungus nids, is sending me the following.  These are all done up to the correct color scheme already.
3x Pyrovores
2x Spore Pods
6x Shrikes (yes, I love shrikes and play them)
60x Hormagaunts

If I could add anything?  A Doom of Malan'tai for sure, got a cool tail from the flying hive tyrant kit waiting for that.  Just need a Ravener body.

And two more Flying Hive Tyrants just for kicks.

Probably a unit of Ymgarls, which I have.

What I really want to try is a massed carpet of gribblies, just wave after wave of horrible claws and fangs herded by four or more Tervigons that barf out swarm after swarm of objective-holding termagants.  In that case I would replace the Flyrants with swarms of hormagaunts, bringing it to 120x all told.  Would need a Tyranid Prime or four to herd them.  Might be fun to try out the addition of nine more zoanthropes and see how that sweeps across the board-- they are also critical synapse creatures and very difficult to get rid of.

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Trollapan said...

Hi there folks on the other side of the sea.
I've been watching your battlereports on YouTube and just lately begun to read your blog.

Both of them are awesome. Keep it up :-D

A question: do you guys have an painting guide to your necrons you used in the Necron vs Blood Angel battle report you played on the "chemical factory" table?
Awesome effects on the wraiths :-D

As written: keep it up :-D


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