Another Testimonial

1. All of my interactions with Blue Table staff on any of my projects have been friendly. Even when griping I have never encountered a rude or unsympathetic staff member.

2. All staff I have interacted with proved knowledgeable and were able to answer my questions and were not afraid to ask multiple follow-up questions if they did not understand my answer.

3. I have taken advantage of several of your multiple options and have not had a request for something specific turned down.

4. 11/2/2012 until 12/14/2012 an early Christmas present.

5. I do. When it comes to artistic things, you get what you pay for. Good value doe snot mean cheapest, to me it means I feel that what I received was worth the money I spent. It was.

6. Project was up to Blue Tables usual high standards.

7. Shipping was excellent. They deserve many kudoes, even the tiny fragile fiddly bits were fine.

8. I intend to continue using Blue Table painting to meet my hobby needs.

9. I would, and in fact have, recommended blue table to other people in the market for quality painted miniatures.




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