Testimoial for 10,000 point Empire Army


I just had a life changing experience watching that video.  It all looks spectacular; you can safely scrap those comments I made before about the state troop feathers and the backpack - don't change them, don't change anything in this Army; your artists' judgement holds true once again.  I'm not sure how to express my gratitude in words, but I can say that it is hard for me to stop smiling and that I have a massive feeling of happiness (a shockwave perhaps) that will probably keep me up most of the night. You guys are easily and obviously the best in this business by miles, Thank you again. 

Can't wait to see the Batrep - if time doesn't permit during the holidays, It's ok, I don't want to pressure the studio

The lenses on the Luminark are very unique and beautiful by the way - a highly Impressive paint blend, and the general is a magnificent sculpt, I just can't stop thinking about the myriad of amazing parts in this army,

Wow ... just WOW ...

You and your team really deserve to have some awesome Holidays, Hope everything is going great,

- T.M. (mind effectively exploded)



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