Consignment Program for Painted Armies

Here's how it works.

  • You have a painted army.
  • You send us a description or pics of your army.
  • You decide your price.
  • You send us the models.
  • We do touchups and pictures.
  • We list them on our website, setting whatever price we want.
  • When they sell you get paid your asking number.
Here are the options for what you want.
A) cash option.
B) trade credit option (we will order models for you or do assembly/painting or you can get things from the webstore)
C) webstore credit.

While you can set whatever price you want, note that we will be selling them for an amount higher than that and the higher your price the longer it will take to sell your models.

We're only looking for decent armies/collections.  If your army is crusty or not painted then you should refer to our regular trade program.  We don't mind if there are some unpainted models sprinkled in there.

All inquiries should go to
We are allowed to use the models for demo games.  This helps sell the models.  You allow us at least twelve weeks to sell your army.  If you want your army back you just pay our regular shipping and we send them back to you.



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