Trade-in Program

We trade in models. We will take them painted/unpainted, new/used.

Unload your tons of second-hand dust-collectors out in your garage without any trouble. Get new shiny models in return.

Here's how to do it:
1) email us your list of models
2) you will be given an offer in the form of an in-store credit with what follows as the terms
3) if you accept you mail us the models
4) we confirm receipt via email and your credit is ready to use

When you send your list please tell us the condition of each item:

  • painted/unpainted
  • primed/unprimed black/white
  • assembled/unassembled
  • in-box/on-sprue/loose
If you prefer, you can just send the models and we will assess them when they arrive. No need for a list or anything. Just include a piece of paper inside, on top of the models, saying "Trade for assessment" and your contact information.

Not painted by BTP? Pics are very helpful but not absolutely needed. If you do not send pics we assume they are painted poorly.

The amount of the credit is usually 20-50% of the retail value of the models. Most of the time the credit is in the 20-30% range.

Hot items like recently released armies and Forge World will be at or near the top rate. We sometimes go above the 50% of retail.

A credit is like a gift certificate. You can use this for:
  • New models that we order and then ship to you (new in box). There are limitations, see below.
  • Spend on other models that we have for sale.
  • Spend on BTP products and services. This includes assembly and painting. But you can also get hard goods and tickets from our internet store.
  • Convert it to cash. You get the money sent via Paypal or cashier's check. This takes 2-7 business days to be sent. This is done at 50% meaning $2 of a credit becomes $1 cash.

You can usually get a much better deal going to the secondary market on your own (local shop, eBay for example). The advantage of trading in with us is that you are likely to be able to unload disparate items without a lot a lot of hassle (pics, various buyers, questions, payments).

If you send models and they are painted or primed too thickly to be useful except as scrap, or the models are notably damaged in transit, the trade value reverts to 10%. Or they will be returned. Best to tell us up front.

When you get the credit offer it will automatically include $10 or more to help with your shipping costs.

You can keep your credit until you are ready to use it. If you are overseas you pay $25 for shipping on each box we send. US shipping is $9 and Canada is $15.  Shipping can be paid with the credit itself if you want.

If you use your credit for us to assemble/paint a project you can't refuse the project and get refunded in cash.

There are some limits on what new models we can get for you. They have to be things that are commonly available through our distributors. Most games are available. Forge World is a notable exception. We cannot order Forge World things for you unless you convert your credit to money (at the 2:1 rate), in which case we are glad to do it. Some lines like Flames of War may be more difficult to acquire or have less than a 1:1 rate (ie it may take $120 credit to get $100 of Flames of War, it varies).

Credit is for retail value of the models or services. It does not stack with other discounts.

Again, we can get most lines no problem (Games Workshop, Privateer Press, Kings of War, Wyrd Miniatures, etc.)

Send models to
Blue Table Painting
55 East 100 North
Spanish Fork, UT 84660

Include a piece of paper with
  • Your contact information (name, phone number, address)
  • The amount of credit you were offered
  • Date
  • Invoice/List of contents
We also trade in Vallejo Paints, per bottle as follows:
$0.90 for new or pretty much new
$0.75 for 75% or more full and in good condition.
$0.50 for 50% or more full and in good condition.
$0.25 for 25% or more full and in good condition.

We would just trust your judgment.

That's for like a gift certificate.

Final notes:
  • If your trade is less than $200 retail (ie we would credit you around $50) then it might not be worth the postage to send it in.
  • If your trade includes Dwarfs, Orcs, Space Marines, High Elves, Skaven or Goblins the first thing out of my mouth will be "are they from a starter kit?". You absolutely must tell me if your models are coming from Assault from Black Reach, Isle of Blood or similar box set. These models have almost no value. They are worth something, but not much. For example: if Isle of Blood retails for $100, and you have half the contents, then I am likely to credit you only $10 for that. Alone it's not even worth shipping.
  • Terms are subject to change without notice. The policy is: let's be reasonable.
*Old terms:



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