Jewel the Bird

All right folks, ready for the story? Willow gets it into her head that she wants a Parakeet. So we spend the weekend and Monday looking at videos of parakeets on Youtube and actually learning quite a bit. We have a rule of no un-caged fur in our home (so fish OK, cats not OK) and while technically a Parakeet is caged non-fur Tamie highly objects to getting a bird, even if it stays in the garage.

Willow keeps her mouth shut about it during the day when I'm gone as she is a smart girl and knows that bringing it up with just Mom will get her no traction.

And thus it is today that I'm home watching the kids in the afternoon while Tamie is in Salt Lake and it's time to go to the pet shop. Hooray! Dad is so great. We pick up this adorable blue parakeet, a cage and some food. This one is the sweetest of the bunch; no biting and instead of flying around the shop like crazy like the others it just flutters pathetically to the ground. Perfect.

Willow named her Jewel.

Once home we set up the cage in the garage and Willow plays with her new friend. She's over the moon, and just like in the pet shop the bird just flutters helplessly to the ground each time. I clip her wings like they showed me, just a little bit. I think wouldn't it be fun to take the bird into the back yard and let it run around in the grass. We get out there and she immediately flies with perfect precision right up into a neighbors tree and out of sight!

Willow was distraught out of her mind. We were just stunned. Jewel was totally faking it that whole time! So, what you're seeing here is Jewel 2. The second one that we got.

Willow wanted to sleep with Jewel 2, but knew she had to stay in her cage upstairs, so she came in and told me her great idea. Jewel could keep her company and she would bring her sleeping bag up and sleep on the floor next to Jewels cage.




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