Special Ops Team

During the fall and winter of 2013 I am working with a small team of highly skilled artists to serve a few clients in a highly personalized manner with near-immediate turnaround.

Your project will be worked on by a team consisting of Joseph (one of the best painters to ever come out of BTP), Mike D. and myself (just plain awesome).  And a few other support people.  Oh, and my lovely wife Tamie will also be helping out on the communications side.

You will get my personal cell and other personal contact information.  We will keep you updated with vids, pics and/or and email, special just for your project.

Our group will be holding painting sessions 1-2 times a month where you can Skype or speakerphone in and talk with us as well as see what we are up to.

We can start right away.
We are looking for a happy client.  We want a meaty projects, something whole-army big or even something ridiculously epic, with specialty materials.  Or a very few figures painted to a high level.  We would love to do some Forge World big stuff.  We would also do a small collection like a War Machine army.

I love, just absolutely love, the creative process of making an army.  You don't need to have a fully formed idea.  I can help you with that.  It's what I do.

It starts with me as I'll help you set up with the best ideas and best starting materials.

I would prefer to find a client who has not done a project with us in a while, or who never has, or who would not have otherwise set up this project.  Mostly I am trying to re-connect with old clients and have some miniatures painting fun with my good (and talented!) friends.

Interested in a quote?  Contact me at my personal email jazzmouth@yahoo.com

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