My Lizardmen 8th Edition Army

Time for some wishlisting and high hoping for Lizardmen.  In a world where I can get it any way I want it...

I am all for that, and encourage you to do it, too.  In fact, I had 2500 pts of Eldar and 2500 pts of High Elves just come off my vision board.  So heya! it works.

Let's start out with a big scary block of Saurus Warriors.

Saurus Warriors (hand weapon and shields) x30 full command = 360 pts
Saurus Warriors (spears and shields) x30 full command = 360 pts

Maybe run them as an almighty scary unit in a horde.  Yup, that's solid

And the following heroes.  Even if they are named I will mostly use them as just generic heroes and thus the points below.  They are all awesome figures.

Slann Mage Priest = 450 pts
Chakax = 200 pts
Gor Rok = 200 pts
Scar Veteran Battle Standard Bearer = 150 pts
1x Hero on Carnosaur = 400 pts

20x Temple Guard (2x boxes) = 350 pts
6x Terradons/Ripperdactyls (2x boxes) = 250 pts
1x Stegadon = 215 pts
2x Bastiladon = 300 pts
3x Razordon Packs = 200 pts
1x Troglodon = 200 pts

So, total = 2500-3500 pts depending on configuration

1 Comment:

Kyle Radford said...

u will need skink charaters some were to stop all your sarus from auto chase. read the last part of predatory fighter. other then that I LIKE IT!!!!!


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