Blood Angels army puzzle

Got a Blood Angels army in my personal collection.  Not sure how to go about making this into a finished force.

5 x Baal Predators (1 nicely painted, 1 bad, 1 primed, 2x magnetized)
Furioso Dreadnought (painted)
Blood Angels Drop Pod (painted)
5 x Blood Angel TH/SS Termiantors (painted)
Asteroth Themed Land Raider Crusader
Blood Angels Vindicator (nicely painted)
4 x Sanguinary priests (2x painted, 1 NIB and 1 bitz)
20 x Blood Angel Assault Marines (GW Shoulder pads, 10x painted, 10x semi painted, a few magnetized)
3 x Rhinos (1 magnetized, 1 on sprue, 1 semi in box)
4 x Devastators w/ Plasma Cannons
1 x Devastators w/ Lascanon
4 x Devastators Missile Launchers
9 x Tactical Squad (primed)
1 x Land Speeder Magnetized
5 x Sanguinary Guard (primed)
7 x Honor Guard w/ Sanguinary Jump Packs, 4 x Meltaguns, a few magnetized
14 x Blood Angels Vanguard w/ LOTS of magnetizing
5 x Death Company on sprue
5 x Assault Marines on sprue (minus jump packs)



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