BTP Necron Army

Now with Seventh Edition and Maelstrom of War missions, you need a mobile army and/or good board control.  You have to get to and hold an objective at any given point, blowing an opposing unit off if need be.

Most people are unlikely to go Unbound completely and the likely more accepted army type is going to be Battle Forged.  With that in mind, it's time to get a BTP studio Necron army up and running again.

Transports for Troops now become super-scoring for a Battle Forged list which is an enormous advantage when paired with the survivability of Necron transports

Here's the list of models needed.
Nemesor Zandrekh (magnetized to represent also Overlord on Command Barge, can also stand in for an awesome looking Overlord)
Orikan the Diviner (can also stand in for a cool Cryptek)
2x Catacomb Command Barge (the Lord magnetized so that he can go on foot as a Lord in a Royal Court)
5x Crypteks (converted from P
2x Triarch Stalker
5x Deathmarks
10x Necron Warriors
2x Ghost Arks (magnetized to be Doomsday Arks as well, no passengers)
20x Immortals
3x Night Scythe (two are magnetized to be Doom Scythes as well)
12x Canoptek Wraiths

Found this great post on the Necron Catacomb Command Barge in 7th Edition.  This plays into exactly what I was saying at the top.  The beauty is that the way I am constructing this army, it can magnetize into either this OR an Annihilation Barge, which will allow for a traditional setup FOC or to make some kind of sick madness with four Lords on Command Barges.

They have become immensely better defensively, but what made them amazing in 5th was their offensive capabilities. Couldn't be locked in combat, 24" movement and practically guaranteed to kill 1 vehicle each turn for 180 points.

afaik, Its offensive capabilities (with the possible exception of anakyr's mind in machine (which was disabled last FAQ) ) are exactly the same as 6th, where it was solid, but you could never move far enough to sweep stuff and getting tar-pitted was a huge problem. Its defensive capabilities however...

Any shooting less than strength 6 you allocate to the chariot and take no damage. Anything higher 7-9 you allocate to the rider and make armour/invuln saves against, so it can't get blown up from a single shot. CCB now has WS 4 in combat and AV13, so power fists will struggle to destroy it. And the best part would probably you can issue and accept challenges, meaning its is far less vulnerable to tarpitting. Basically you have an AV13, 5 W/HP fast skimmer/walker for an 80 point upgrade on your lord.

I'd say its role has changed. Now the CCB is a way of turning a normal lord into a faster moving destroyerlord, effective at hunting enemy special characters within squads, since the Lord+CCB counts as a single model and the remaining squad members have no other models to attack. The way to go is probably deck out a lord with WS, MSS, 2+, 3++ & Tesseract Labyrinth and while acting as a fire soak, hunt the biggest/baddest/most costly single model character/MC/vehicle the enemy has. These will definately be strong again.

Biggest down side is the base for the CCB is so large that denying RP with a consolidation move will be so easy...



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