BTP Studio Tau Army (in red)

This army is likely to get out of hand fast.  I have a few prototypes done and a vid with the first simple practice models rolling off the line.  This army will be just topping 5000 points by the time it is done.

I've got a special deal going:

OK, here's the deal guys.  There's only one spot for this.  If you set up a NEW Tau project of 2500 pts or more by June 13th, then our little team (me, Mike D., Katie and Amberlee*) will paint your army right away and at the same time as the BTP studio Tau.  You will also get to interact with us via Skype, phone or whatever medium works to join in on our little fun painting sessions.  Turnaround should be 2-3 weeks**.  Contact with the subject line Red Tau.  Oh, and that's the other part: you get your color scheme the same as what we're working on.

Also, we'll be making a Forge World order right away so you can get some of that sweet action.

Cost is likely to be as follows $800-1000 for materials (you can get your own models), $1100-1300 for painting, $500-700 for assembly (you can send your models already assembled).

Upgrades are available such as magnetization.

*Plus stand-ins as needed
**From the time ALL the materials arrive in the studio.  Times may vary up or down but not by much.

Here's the list

2x Ethereals
1x Battle suit Commander (based on Farsight with mod to arm)

1x Battle suit Commander (based on XV84 suit from Forge World)
1x Cadre Fireblade

11x Battlesuits (I'm going to make them out of the stock kits at first for the first run but later get them XV89s from Forge World) with of course a suite of magnetized weapons

48x Fire Warriors
20x Kroot Warriors
6x Devilfish (you read that right)
6x Stealth Team
2x Riptide
16x Pathfinders
9x Piranhas
1x Razorshark (going to magnetize this one to also be a Barracuda)
6x Broadsides
2x Hammerheads
4x Remoras
1x R'Varna Battlesuit
 So, that's a lot of fun stuff.  May add some deluxe stuff later.



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