Expedited Services

If your project is Expedited it means we are guaranteeing a set turnaround time.  You pay an extra amount for this.

The time starts when all your models arrive in the studio.  If you have stragglers, that delays the time.

As part of the deal, you have to check in once a week and mention your specific deadline.  You will be issued your deadline the first time you check in.  You will send an email asking explicitly "What is my exact deadline?" on your first check-in.  The reason for this is that it can't be set until all the models are in the studio.

The cost is factored from the assembly/painting cost for your project:
+20% for an eight week deadline
+30% for a six week deadline
+40% for a four week deadline

The end mark is the day that we get pictures up of your product for final review.  If you have revisions that need to be done, we'll make them reasonably quick, but it doesn't count against the time.  Once we put up those pictures, the clock is off!

We are highly, highly motivated to meet the deadline.  If we fail to meet it, then you get the amount you paid reverted into a credit for assembly/painting OR for www.bluetablestore.com  It's not refunded.



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