Random Reinforcements

Random Reinforcements
1) Each player rolls up four random units.
No named characters.
Re-roll duplicates.

No unit can be more than 25% of the total points being played
Re-roll useless or less useful units.
Each player has the option to include Forge World units when rolling for any pick.
First, roll one HQ.
Second, roll two Troops.
Third, roll one from Fast Attack, Heavy, Elites (you choose).
Fourth, select a transport
You should now have your starting army of around 750 points.

2) Players then choose a point level that works for everyone.  .
Armies must be a battle-forged.  You'll build a Battalion.
Command points not used
Players will need to expand or shrink unit size to make the point level.
Any units can be split into two smaller units of roughly equal size (like combat squads)

3) Play one game.  Game 1

4) Players choose a unit from Fast Attack, Heavy or Elites, that is NOT from a battlefield role they already have.  Don't roll.  Pick.
The Solo: choose a single model with points cost of 75 or less to join your army.

5) Play one game.  Game 2
You should now have six or seven units in your army, possibly more from splitting units.
You should be at around 950 pts.

6) Players roll up one unit from the last remaining battlefield role (it will be Fast Attack, Elites, or Heavy Support).  Also add one unit of Troops of a type you don't already have.

7) Play one game. Game 3
You should be at around 1100 pts.

8) Players choose one unit from Troops that they do not already have, unless you already have every Troops choice available (in which case you can pick).  And also roll up one unit from a battlefield role of your choice from among: HQ, Troops, Elites, Fast Attack, Heavy Support.
Players now have seven units

9) Play one game. Game 4
You should be at around 1300 pts.

10) Players roll up a flyer (the battlefield role of flyer)

11) Play one game. Game 5
You should be at around 1750 pts.

12) Players choose one unit from any from among: Troops, Elites, Fast Attack, Heavy Support.
Players also get one more HQ of choice.

13) Play one final game.  Game 6
You have now played six games, built a Batallion detachment and concluded your Random Reinforcements experience.

Other rules
When rolling up a choice, similar entries may be counted as one entry.  For example: Grey Knights have three types of Land Raider, the player could, if he wanted, count that as only one entry.  If that option is rolled up the player can choose which type of Land Raider to take.  This is at the player's option.

When rolling up a choice, the player decides ahead of time which sources to include: such as Forge World, Blackstone Fortress.  However, Legendary models are not allowed or considered.



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