Skaven and Chaos

First off, thank you for visiting this Blog.  I have now split off my personal blog on to a different location.  I intend to write every day.  We'll see if it happens.  See how I just pre-wimped out there?  "Trying"?  Bah!  I shall do it!

Today at the studio I got in the final models for the studio Skaven:  a Screaming Bell, Doomwheel, Warp Lightning Cannon, and a Hellpit Abomination.  I also got the Chaos book in, so I need to make a vid on that.

That means another Skaven army will be on the block soon.  2500+ pts.

1x Warlord
1x Chieftan BSB
1x Grey Seer on foot
1x Grey Seer on Screaming Bell
1x Warlord on Rat Ogre (war litter)
1x Warplock Engineer
200x Clanrats
6x Warpfire Throwers
6x Plague Mortars
7x Rat Ogres
3x Clanrats
1x Doom Wheel
1x Warp Lightning Cannon
1x Hellpit Abomination

Buy it for $1950.



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