How to Get a Quote from Blue Table Painting

Here is the information we need to give a quote.  This update is for October and November 2012.

Relax and let go of your cares and worries.  We are here to serve you.
What is your first and last name?
What country are you from?

Rate your readiness.  Are you ready to set up your project right now?  If not, then when?  Or are you just looking for a ballpark quote?  It's all good.  We are here to serve you.

Models Are you providing them?  Would you like BTP to acquire them?  Or can you have them sent from a retailer?

We recommend

Assembly  Are we assembling your models or are they coming ready to paint?    Do you want magnetization of options?  Do you want conversion work?

Painting  Are you looking for "just get it done inexpensively"?  Or are you willing to pay more for higher quality?

Here is a cost comparison.  Let's say an infantry 28mm model costs $10 to paint at L3.  Here are how the other Levels usually play out cost-wise
L2 $7
L3 $10
L4 $15
L5 $20-40 (now you are into the higher "hero" levels
L6 $40-70
L7 $150-350

Levels explained.

Minimum order is $250

Games that we specialize in
Warhammer 40K
War Machine and Hordes
Dropzone Commander
Heavy Gear
Malifaux (and other Wyrd games)

Stay on the same thread (don't change the email subject line)
Don't pay in full.  Only pay the deposit.

Blue Table Painting Service Guide.  More information on the process.

On top of that, we sure know how to rock and roll.



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