Big Trade Incoming

I've got four boxes coming in this Tuesday.  If you want to lock it down with a sight-unseen purchase contact me at  So, what you see below is a temporary price very likely less than what it will be once we take pics.

UPDATE: this stuff has arrived at the studio and is looking good!

Otherwise it will be up in the webstore in about a week.  Some things here don't have a price on them.

You can make an offer or wait for them to go up.

Partial Painted
Land Raider Terminus (bunch of lascannons)

Dark Eldar
Ravager, magnetized dark lances

Painted (red, like my Eldar)
Forgeworld Eldar Revenant Titan with diorama base $450 (this for the single Revenant Titan)

Forgeworld Cobra (new model)
3 OOP metal Fire Prisms
2 Falcons w/magnetized weapon options
3 new plastic Fire Prisms
3 Wave Serpents
Partial Paint (Mottled Blue)
5 Wave serpents (missing windshields and bases)
Primed (Black)
9 Fire Dragons (metal)
29 Dire Avengers
3 Dire Avengers Exarchs with Dual SC
2 Dire Avengers Exarchs with dire sword
Farseer with 2 swords, finecast
3 warlocks w/swords
2 warlocks w/spears
Dire Avengers new on sprue
9 Dire Avengers
1 Exarch with Shimmershield
24 storm guardians with metal arms, 4 meltas
2 Wraithlords with Missile Launcher, Bright Lance and 2 flamers

High Elves
See here for purchase info
BTP Painted
60 Island of Blood Spear Elves
30 Phoenix Guard
30 White Lions
Painted (not by BTP apparently, I have no idea what this will be)
24 IoB Swordmasters
2 Wizards
1 Hero Character w/sword
2 Eagles
2 White Lion Chariots
10 Dragon princes
2 Eagles (Bald Eagles)
1 Scout
Battle Foam (comes with the High Elf lot, I don't know if it fits everything I haven't seen it yet)
1 720 bag with trays to hold the high elves


Box of archers
Imperial Guard

Forge World (unassembled in plastic bags) $200 for this death korps stuff (on hold for WS through 10-11)
50 Deathcorp infantry
1 command squad
2 commissars (both standing poses, missing "tank" commissar)
1 command upgrade kit (swords and pistols)

Painted (poorly)
2 Hive Tyrants Lashwhip, bonesword, heavy venom cannon
1 warrior w/ venom cannon
6 warriors w/ deathspitter
1 zoanthrope new model, metal
3 raveners w/ rending claws (oop metal)
3 Tyrant Guard with lashwhips, metal
2 lictors
2 zoanthropes OOP metal
Carnifex with scything talons, barbed strangler
Carnifex with crushing claws, scything talons
Carnifex TL devourers
23 Hormagaunts
2 rippers
12 genestealers oop
38 spinefist gaunts
4 fleshborer gaunts

Primed (Black)
1 Hive Tyrant, wings, scything talons OOP metal (needs repairs)
23 Hormagaunts
1 genestealer OOP
4 spinefist gaunts
1 warrior w/ deathspitter
3 raveners w/ scything talons (oop metal)
23 Hormagaunts
2 rippers
1 fleshborer gaunt


New in Box
High Elf Archers
2 High Elf bolt throwers (plastic)
2 Dark Eldar Scourges
Blood Angel Death Company
Striking Scorpions (Finecast)
Space Marine Captain
Wave Serpent
Dark Elf Battalion
War Priest (avatars of war character)
3 Imperial Guard Valkaryies
3 Imperial Guard Chimeras
2 Ork Gretchin mobs
Pain boy, finecast
2 Tau Piranhas
5 metal melta gun pack

Army Transport
1 Motor pool bag for the Tyranids



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