Army List- "Fists of Fury" Crimson Fists and Imperial Fists

1850 Space marine list-   Imperial fists/Crimson fist join action list.  

Lysander    attatched to  10 man Sternguard squad/w drop pod & 3 combi flamers
(sternguard sergeant/w meltabomb and bolter)

Pedro Kantor    attatched to 6 man terminator assault squad/w land raider Redeemer/w multi-melta
(terminator sergeant/w lightning claws)

2x Tac squads, missle launcher and meltagun/w razorback
(sergeant with melta bombs, bolt pistol, and chainsword)

Landspeeder squadron.   2 typhoon missle launchers, 4 heavy bolters

As a successor chaptor of the Imperial fists, the Crimson fists come to the aid of their founding chaptor.     Pedro Kantor himself leads a detatchment of sternguard vets to the aid of his brothers.    Together they shall destroy all foes of the imperium!
Color scheme is obviously Imperial fists yellow and crimson fists red and blue.   Sternguard, drop pod, pedro, and double HB speeder painted in crimson fist scheme.  Everything else in Imperial fists yellow.

Combat Strategy:
Lysander in pod with sternguard come down on turn 1 and try to get within rapid fire range of a hard target.   His bolter drill ability makes the whole squad twin-linked so your gonna be potentially pumping out 20 twin-linked shots that wound on 2 againgst high toughnest models or have AP3/4/5ignores cover.        opponent will have rough time charging them on following turn due to the 3 combi flamers and lysander.

the 2 tac squads split up.   The two 5 man missle launcher 4x bolter squads sit back in a ruin ,which thanks to lysanders bolster defences gives them a 3+ cover save.    They just pump out missles till turn 5 when they start moving towards objectives in backfield.
The other 5 men including sergeants and melta gun move up in their razorbacks towards key objective or vehicles that need to be destroyed.

Pedro starts the game standing behind the LR out of line of sight and pops off Orbital bombardment turn 1.   Turn 2 he jumps into raider and they proceed to move flat out towards important target (i.e. enemy HQ or deathstar)     LRR can still fire multi-melta or flamestorm cannon even on flat out move due to PotMS.    If possible, they head towards lysander and the sternguard to back em up.

This is my core army and my favorite list.    I hope to one day get you guys to paint it for me personally and am looking forward to seeing more excellent work from you guys.



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