Necrons vs New Eldar

Article by BTP fan Karl.

See more pics of that sweet Tau.

Looking at the new Eldar codex tells me that Necrons are going to struggle to counter strengths within the Eldar, mainly the psychic side of things. This is because the tomb spider upgrade (variation) doesn't cut it, that area of affect is just not enough (6 inches if you don't know off by heart). Granted all Necrons have armour saves, but the combination of psychic powers and specialist troops (I'm looking at you Banshees, spiders and dragons) make it almost unbearable for Necrons.

Note: It would nice if they added to mind scarabs by giving the wearer and attached unit benefit from psychic immunity or shielding.

Even the C'Tan shards will be hard pushed. If they could take more than just two spells (as well as having better spells) would be great. However, as they are C'Tan shards can make do with holding up an Avatar for the majority of the game - if they get lucky and kill, great. Otherwise that knight will knock down any shard in three to four turns, brutal.

Necron players have to rely more than ever on their royal courts to do battle with their nemesis. Then there is the problem of the big two slots for HQ's you want or need. There really isn't that many that give you [the necron player] the flexibility needed to change the force organisation chart to an advantage (as seen with space marine chapters and Eldar themselves). Necrons HQ's would do greater if they allowed for expansions in force slots like elites. Say if you take the stormlord you can have 4-5 elites slots, if you take a HQ that is more on the tech side of things they enable you to have stalkers in heavy support as well as elites. Or if you took someone like Obyron you could have Lythguard as troops, heck if I took a destroyer lord let me convert lythguard into a special outfitted version of destroyers. Things like that, I would like to see in a new codex to help and over come the limits of the Necrons. Otherwise Eldar craftworld combos are going to steam roll Necrons.

Necron players outter their think and think hard now when you face the Eldar.



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