Comment on Seven Wide

Hey Shawn...

About the 7 wide trays... i have personnaly used that trick alot... Its mostly usefull in 3K and up games and with weaker troops... heres why

1: Im already scared of those chaos knights 5 wide or 7 wide... no need to put more
2: Thats an expensive rank bonus with uber guys...
3: Your most lkely going to kill the opposite first rank anyways so it doesnt really prevent replys.

As for weaker troops...

1: Makes the unit bigger... And if he put 35 guys in there instead of 25, he has a trick up his sleeve !!! (psychological warfare)
2: Its 2 guys more before you loose that rank bonus and with weaker troops, that bonus is what keeps you alive
3: Maybe youll get 1 or 2 reply VS better troops... hence helping on CR..

In big games, i often field Men At arms in blocks of 40 to get 8 wide ranks ( against cavalry 5 wide, you can fit 8 infantry) and if you dont need that 8th wide, well, its just extra inssurance that i"ll have 35 left once in HtH.

The bigger the game, the more you have to do it...




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