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Nothing really to say, today. Just another quiet Sunday at home.

It's time to get to bed. Monday is going to be a good day. A busy day!

I am puttering around with various army lists. I brought home like five army books.

I thought of doing an Empire or Warriors of Chaos (marauder heavy) army using the Lord of the Rings Easterlings and Harad figures. That would be sweet. And un-sell-able and not tournament legal.

So, it's back to Skaven mentally. I'm going to do an experiment to see if I can jury rig the whole thing from three boxes of Plague Monks and bitz. I think that the new Ork 40k range provides the best feel and practical parts for this. So, think Orks 40K tech mixed with skaven. I got a really good idea for the Warp Lightning Cannon. That alone might make it worth doing.

When I look at an army, I think "will this be fun to play, both with and against?" I think the Skaven will mix up our current army make-up (at the studio: Bretonnians, Dark Elves, Orcs, and Vampire Counts).



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