Quick Note

Hey all. I am ever so tired. Everything is proceeding apace. I've got everything nailed down at the studio. I am practically caught up. I'm like the Maytag Repairman-- just waiting around to take your order.

I'm living with an invalid, effectively. She needs help getting up and down the stairs. I thought a situation like this would irritate me (on account of being a slothful, self-centered ogre), but it actually hasn't. It's sort of nice to connect with Tamie by getting her every little thing, and also to the kids by being in charge of them and organizing them.

I am now booking projects for January. Happily, I might add. By now, I am sure you are all familiar with the various configurations and perpetual deals (L2, Artistic License, Tank Factory).

I have ever so many things running through my head.

Imagine this world: everyone has the ability to receive the thoughts telepathically within 30 miles, and is contantly transmitting. The intent and character of each person is evident by looking into his or her face. I think that people would gather into enclaves of like-minded individuals, who could stand the presence of the others. I think this is how the next life is. Stratification will happen naturally.

I am at peace at home. It is a wonderful feeling. Each day we get a little more unified. Oh, it's not perfect, but the bickering and unharmoniousness is getting less frequent. Tonight, my little three year old, while kneeling for prayers, bent his bionicle toy into a kneeling position, too, and set it next to him.

Laaast night, I got home and put the kids to work. We worked until exhaustion. We cleaned the toy room, boxing and crating it all up and stowing it in the garage. I'm sick of picking that crap up. It was like an archaelogical dig in there. There were slimy things. There were furry things, for pity's sake! Don't think I'm some kind of anal retentive hun. I let them keep a few things they aaactually use. I plan on setting up the old studio computers as a sort of educational center in there.

Tamie is a picture of misery. I have to massage out her feet every night. They are painful for her to walk on and she's got to wrangle a little three-year-old all day. So, I've been working a little extra in the morning and night to help her out.

Again, I'm taking orders for January. If you are ready to do a project, by all means let's get it underway. I am completely at your disposal to help get things set up. So, don't be shy you'll be helping out me and my staff immensely.



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