I Think I'm in Love

So, as usual, I'm thinking of army concepts and I dusted off my Skaven book. This would be a really nice change of pace from flashy and flighty Elf armies that I normally play.

The major problem with the Skaven are A) that they are being re-done in 2009 it's rumored, and B) the clanrat models, which you need a LOT of, are really very sad. I despise them. So, the plan is to put in Plague Monk models (which I love and come 20 to a box) as the clanrats. Other items will be converted from these models, as crew (eg Warp Cannon, Jezzails). They're a fun army.

I also like playing with (and against) armies that are "mortal", ie they take morale checks. It makes the game a little more exciting.
I'm to a point where I really only want to play friendly games. Sometimes I find myself looking at an army book and trying to figure out the Killer Kombo, and I have to stop myself. That's not the point at all. I mean, even if the trick army works, it's not fun for my opponent. I'd rather play a draw than a massacre (even if it's me doing the massacring). So, with that in mind I've started looking at units in terms of how fun they might be to play. I don' think you can go far wrong with a poco de todo army.
In other news, I have started making a lot of flush trays. You'll be hearing more about that soon.



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