Uphill Battle

It's an uphill battle for us lovers of liberty. Mainstream media creates the wind, to blow at the backs of their favored candidates, telling me who to vote for, and against others (ie Ron Paul).

Article #1: Three way tie?
Article #2: how the caucuses work in Iowa (read Republican section)

This article about says it all.
Seriously, I think this article really puts it the right way. It's just how I feel about it. I am hopeful for the future. Here's a juicy bite.

The more the GOP does that seems designed to deny him a fair chance at the nomination, the more people they will alienate. The damage may already be done; it’s hard to find any Paul supporters who show any enthusiasm for any other candidates. They know that this actually isn’t just like every other election, a choice between two evils. Our country is in the grip of something awful which transcends Obama, and we’re approaching the event horizon. For millions there is one way out and one captain, everything else is a distraction from reality.



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