Some New Stuff for sale- Ogres, Hell Talon, Tau

Just up for a few days in this format. Contact for questions or to purchase.

Lot #1 $190 SOLD!
Forge World Tau stuff
6x vehicle upgrade pack
4x packs of Marker Drones (two per pack)
1x Pathfinder Tetra
3x Broadsides

Lot #2 $50 SOLD!
Imperial Guard tanks OOP x3

Lot #3 $420 SOLD!

22x Ogre Bulls/16x Ironguts/ 8x Leadbelchers
15x Sprues for Noblars (= minimum 45 models)
2x Butchers
2x Noblar Scraplaunchers
2x Hunters with Sabre Tusks
2x Arabian Maneaters
3x Pirate Maneaters
2x Female Maneaters
2x Paymaster Maneaters
3x Yette's
2x Imperial Maneaters
2x Tyrants
17x Noblar Trappers
1x Gorger
1x Ninja Maneater

1x Giant (new style)
1x Skrag the Slaughterer
1x Greasus Goldtooth

Lot #4 Hell Talon
1x Hell Talon painted L3 (not by BTP) as-is no base $230
Upgrade Hell Talon to L4 by BTP and get a base made for +$110

Lot #5 Thunderbolt SOLD!
1x Thunderbolt painted L2 (not by BTP) as-is no base $150
Upgrade Thunderbolt to L3 by BTP and get a base made for +$90
OR Upgrade Thunderbolt to L4 by BTP and get a base made for +120

$9 flat in US (for any number of lots)
$15 to Canada
$35 to Australia/NZ/Japan
$25 most other places (eg Europe)



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