Icy Snow January 21 2012

At this particular moment I am watching kids TV with my daughter. It is 10:25pm so all the other kids are in bed, just mom, dad and Willow.

About a week or so ago I went with my wife to see Breaking Dawn. Yes, those mushy vampire movies. My wife read the books, leaving me a widower for two weeks, pretty much just letting herself and the house slide into the ditch. I resent those books. With the benefit of hindsight I don't think I would have gone. Apparently I don't love my wife as much as I thought. She can find a friend to go with next time.

Anyway, it was hands down the worst movie I've ever seen. My eyes actually started to water with boredom. I started looking around the theater, even the ceiling was more interesting than that drivel.

It's been a warm winter in Utah. Normally there are piles of snow by now, at least a few dozen good drops. But practically nothing, and nothing that will stick. It rained the last few days which made me happy and thinking of Oregon. But water mixed with snow makes for hard, crusty, icy snow which is a pain to get off the drive and the car windows. A real arm crusher.

The sun was out later and cleared the roads, but the snow pack keeps the water from draining so there will be ice tomorrow morning.

Our furnace went out today with no one to repair it on Sunday it's going to be a cold night, we're all bundled up. Will be fixed on Monday.

I'm off the wagon. I spent most of the day playing Starcraft 2. My sons are into it, too, which I count as family time. I plan on getting them a copy so we can play online against each other. Co-op more likely.

Church was invigorating as usual. Tamie had to go early on account of singing in the choir. I showed up later with the kids. A few of them grabbed a banana to eat on the way out the door. Once seated, I looked over and saw Willow apparently spitting up banana paste into her hands. Quickly filled, her older sister reached out a cupped hand to take the rest. As soon as her mouth cleared Willow said "I ate too much banana!" She had stuffed her face but couldn't choke it all down.

How am I feeling you ask? Just awesome. It all makes me happy inside. I love being around my family. I'm appreciative of the good things that I have. It can't be that I deserve it. It must be God's good grace. May that grace be upon you, dear reader. And good night.




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