Cucumber Slices

Hellow all. First, I want to thank you for reading this blog. It's been a while since I wrote something substantive. I've had second thoughts recently that maybe people aren't interested in the details of my life. But that's just silly talk, of course people love to hear about me. I mean, it's ME.

First off, you should be concerned about the NDAA. It allows for indefinite detention of US citizens by the military. I won't say anymore. Just read up on it. It is my opinion that the vast majority of congressmen and senators have flagrantly violated their oaths of office. Negligent or criminal, pick one.

I have been channeling my ideas more openly on the channel. I plan on doing a lot more there. My brain is like a pulsar.

I looked at my wife a few weeks back and thought, we need to get out of here. So on Thursday at 9am we headed out to Salt Lake for a day. Just an overnight trip to be together. I called it a mega-date. It was comprised of ten smaller dates. It was romantic, Tamie really likes SLC it's her old stomping grounds and you just can't replace that. It's like Ashland for me. We're coming up on eighteen years married and things are smoother than ever. While we were up there we scouted a five-star hotel called the Grand America as the possible site of Blue Table Con 2012 (or 2013).

I picked up a few new books. Report coming on those on the gatelymusings channel. One is what turns out to really be a business book. It's about Gaming (meaning video games) and Reality. Millions of people are checking out in their off time and going to virtual worlds. What does that mean? That's a lot of man-hours.

More importantly, the studio was running smoothly in my absence. I was gone basically for two whole days and all is well. But I'm back now! It's 5am and I think it's time to get cracking!



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