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Hello all! First off a word of encouragement. If I could go back to past-me I would tell him to not worry so much. All the things that I was worked up over, even a few months ago, turned into a lot of nothing. That's not to say that I wouldn't have just got to work. That's the key. Don't fret, just roll up your sleeves. I find it helpful to actually write things down on a piece of paper. Problem-solution.

I went home early on Saturday, feeling a little under the weather. Just a bit of a sinus infection I'm pretty sure. I had my wife neti pot me, give me medicine and cook me up some chicken noodle soup. She patched me up.

I spent some time working up the Eldar Corsairs army list. 2250 pts approx as follows:
1x Corsair Prince
6x Shadow Spectres
18x Voidstorms
40x Corsairs
6x Wasps
2x Hornets
2x Nightwings
2x Warp Hunters

The problem is the cost. Good grief it's $7 per special weapon just for the forge world upgrade kits and $4 per model for the standard models to get the lasblasters/jetpacks from FW. It's like $800. I'm going to look at conversions options tomorrow. I suspect that the Dark Eldar range, combined with regular Guardians should do it nicely.

In this army all the infantry have jet packs. This is different from jump packs. Jet packs give the relentless rule which means they can move and shoot heavy weapons. For the standard ten-man units of corsairs they can have two missile launchers. I think this is the one for me. The points are pretty hefty for those jet packs and so it is definitely a finesse army. My concern is that it's like most of my Eldar armies: a whole lot of shooting but no close combat. It makes me sad. Harlequins in Venoms? No way around it: Eldar are small in numbers.

I played a lot of Starcraft 2. It's definitely a point of connection between me and my boys nowadays. Also, I finally beat the computer on Insane. Protoss (me) vs Terrans. Cannon rush. The AI didn't know how to deal with that. Taking a look at a problem in a new light.

I put up a new vid this week on gatelymusings. I have a second one, but I'm not sure I want to post it. Actually, now that I think about it I absolutely must put it up. Title = Social Security as intergenerational theft. It's inflammatory.

Speaking of which, I showed up at the church to help set up chairs (late) and a brother called me out saying "just like a Libertarian, showing up late". He was just ribbing me, naturally. However, it did start a running conversation for about ten minutes. I don't even know where to begin with this one. I did have two insights, though, as I give it consideration.

#1 Correlation. Apparently I'm the only one who has actually read a book by Ron Paul. I'm also the only one with a Ron Paul yard sign up. Am I the only one in my neighborhood? What I suspect is that most people only give superficial consideration to politics. They listen to the radio, read the paper, or watch TV and consider themselves informed. But those mediums are just regurgitations. You got to crack a book.

I think I need to go out door to door and see if I can find someone else of like mind. Solution, read a book

#2 People assume I'm a Libertarian because I support Ron Paul. It's false logic. Ron Paul is a libertarian. Shawn supports Ron Paul. Ergo, Shawn must be a libertarian. On further reflection, the truth is that I'm a Constitutionalist. Over the weekend I read the libertarian platform, and re-read the Utah republican platform.

Post hoc ergo propter hoc?

In other amazing news, I finished Patriots and Pineheads by Bill O'Reilly. Not a fan of Bill. But you got to give a man his due and crack a book. I took careful notes. I will be making a video book report on that. Most startling insight: Bill's take on the treatment of prisoners of war by George Washington.

Family life is wonderful and simple. Willow runs around in her princess dress. Griffin absolutely loves his black camo sleepers, but one of the feet blew out so I just cut off both at the ankles. He was happy again. Such a simple thing. I ate three eggs for breakfast: soft boiled with butter, salt and pepper. Absolutely yummy.

Followup. That sewage pipe leak at that building down the street? That got fixed and the building is back to smelling normal. Just a day later. See, things are going to get better soon. That's a false correlation by the way. What does the sewage pipe have to do with your life?



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