Undead and Corsairs

Stuff I ordered for studio yesterday:

6x Eldar War Walkers

I have a bunch of stuff from Forge World on order. It's a 2500 pt army. The Walkers is all we needed.

1x Mantic Zombie Regiment
1x Mantic Ghoul Regiment

2x Mortis Engine
2x Terrorgheist
3x Boxes Skeleton Warriors
2x Boxes Hexwraiths
1x Vlad on foot
1x Krell
1x Wight King
1x Necromancer
1x Cairn Wraith
1x Tomb Banshee
2x Boxes Crypt Horrors

All heroes need to be current ed. plastics or finecast.

I have a ton of undead already painted up and we're going to sync those (some of the bases are varied). The plan is to make 100x zombies and 50x Skeletons as the base blocks of hordes. The rest is icing.

The stuff we already have, that's going to be incorporated are:
10x Dire Wolves
20x Ghouls
20x Skeletons
50x Mantic undead infantry (might mix these into the zombies)

So, that's quite a start, 100 models right there. I've been looking over the Vampire Counts books and I think the strength of the list is in the masses of undead (duh). I mean, let's say I had two blocks of zombies, eighty strong, or even a hundred. That's a whole game spent hacking those apart. Talk about board control. Even smaller units of twenty could just hold a much larger force up for a turn or two. I plan on melting some piles of corpses with the heat gun.

As a side note, a fan introduced the idea of having a personal army, not for sale, and to really really learn that army. I wonder what I will do?

I'm thinking Beastmen for Warhammer Fantasy. Yes I know I just wrote a whole thing about Vampire Counts, but while they are fun for a while, and the current hot army I want to play something that bleeds and can run away. And I love underdog armies. Plus I've never done that particular army before. Very interesting.

For Core = 6x Chariots based on the mournfang kit, two beastmen riders on them.
50x Ungor Raiders
Fun Stuff

But who knows, maybe I'll fall in love with the Vampires.



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