Scrapyard pre-sale- CSMs GKs Sallies

UPDATE: This sale is already over! Look for new lots in our website Scrapyard

Lot #1 Chaos Space Marines starter $165 SOLD!
Lot #2 Grey Knights expansion $65 SOLD!
Lot #3 Purple random CSMs $12
Lot #4 Salamanders starter $75

email us at for availability
UPDATE: More lots going up Thursday morning.

Contact Shawn at if you are interested in anything. Or call 801 372 8545. We need money via CC (by phone or email) or Paypal. Paypal address is Check availability before buying.

$9 flat in US (for any number of lots)
$15 to Canada
$35 to Australia/NZ/Japan
$25 most other places (eg Europe)



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