6th Ed 40k stuff pulled from Various Sources

A good article about Tau in sixth edition.  They got some huge boosts and much-needed.  Notably Fire Warrior shooting power and mobility (move and shoot, plus rapid fire at 15").

from dakkadakka's rattman

ok so pyschic powers
primary power is a basic smite

caster gets D3 str and toughness
target unit get -1 str and toughness
target unit get FNP
assault 2 every unsaved would heals one off caster
pysker get +d3 init
target makes toughness test or take 1 wound no save, if slain jumps to model with in 2' and make save. continue till someone saves or no targets left

primary target unit rerolls failed hits
psycher and unit gain counter attack and get full BS for overwatch
target unit gain 4++
target unit must reroll passed armor saves
psycher and unit ignore cover
psyker rerolls failed failed hits, wounds and armor saves
psyker roll 3 dicechoose the result you want when rolling for reserves, outflank and mysterious terrain

primary flame breath (flamer)
psyker gains 4+ invo
target unit gains 4+ cover save
flame attack assault 1, sould blaze (no idea) blast, ignore cover
target model takes 1 wound , no armor or cover save allowed, place small blast template anyone hit takes a str 4 ap 5 hit
assault 2d6, blind, ignore cover attack
str 8, ap 1 assault 1, melta

assault 1 str 6 . strikedown (halves init and target moves as if its dangerous terrain)
roll 2d6 target takes hit equal to strength (11 or 12 auto wound) ap is equal to seperate dice roll
remove models from table, deepstrike within 24 inchs of where they were
hostile unit must reroll hits and wounds of 6
assault D6 pinning attack
all friendlies with 12 inchs get 5++
str 10, heavy 1 blast

primary 3d6 - target leadership wounds to target unit
target unit has to make leadership roll or do nothing
target freindly stops falling back and gets fearless
hostile model makes an attack as if it owned by psyker
target hostile losses fearless and treats all units as fear causing
invisibility gains shrouding and stealth, hostiles charged by this unit lose counter attack and fight at WS 1
roll on table 1-2 unit pinned, 3-4 cannot run, shoot or stirke blows 5-6 attack own unit

acute senses: lets you reroll outflank results determining where your unit comes from. NOTE: at least 1 member of the unit has to has this rule in order for the whole unit to gain the reroll. so a IC in a unit can let his unit he joined reroll if he got acute senses and the unit does not.
Adamantium Will: the unit gets a + 1 modifier for the deny the witch roll. NOTE: the same as with acute senses.. t least 1 member of the unit has to has this rule in order for the whole unit to gain the bonus.
And they shall know no Fear: it is exactly the same as in the fifth edition but with the addition of beeing immune to the fear rule.
Assault Vehicle: the unit may assault the turn it disembarks a transport. even on a turn the vehicle gets destroyed.
Armourbane: the modell rolls 2d6 for armour penetration.
Blind: a unit hit by a model with a blind attack must immmediatly do a initiative test. if they fail the check the unit is WS and BS 1 until the end of their next turn.
Brotherhood of psykers/sorcerors: the unit counts as beeing psyker mastery level 1. psychic tests are made with the LD of the character (justicar/seargent) if he is no longer in the unit, a random modell may do the test. perils of the warp work the same way.
Bulky: modells with this rule count as beeing 2 models in transports.
very bulky: modells with this rule count as beeing 3 models inside a transport
extremely bulky: models with this rule count as 5 models inside a transport.
concussive: a model suffering one or more wounds from a weapon with this special rule are reduced to initiative 1 until the next assault phase.
counter- attack: same as in 5th.
crusader: a unit with at least one model with this rule roll a extra dice forrun moves and take the highest result, in addition the rule adds d3 to the sweeping advance total.
daemon: models with this rule have a 5+ invulnerable save and cause fear.
eternal warrior: same as in 5th.
fear: at the start of each fight-sub phase units in base contact have to pass a LD test. if failed the enemy unit is WS1. as they shall know no fear and fearless auto passes the fear test. NOTE. fear causing units are not immune to fear themselves.
Fearless: auto pass pinning, fear, regroup test, auto morale checks. cannot go to ground. cannot select to fail morale check due to "our weapons are useless".
Feel no Pain: now a 5+ does not work against attacks that cause instant death.
Fleet: units with this special rule may reroll one or more dice for run and cahrge ranges. NOTE: every model in the unit has to have this rule in order for it to work.
Fleshbane: models with this special rule always wound on 2+ in close combat. ranged weapons with this special rule also always wound on a 2+
Force: basically force weapon activation. requires 1 warp charge.
Furious charge: +1 strength in assault. no longer initiative.
gets hot!: same as before but now also works on vehicles firing those weapons.a vehicle failing to hit with a 1. suffers a glancing hit on a further d6 roll of 1-3. on plasma cannons you roll a d6. if 1 you roll again and get glanced on a 1-3 aswell.
hammer of wrath: models with this rule do a single automatic hit against the enemy unit with the unmodified strength of the model and AP - with initiatve 10.
hatred: reroll to hits in the first round of combat.
haywire: as of codex DE. on a hit against a vehicle a d6 is rolled. if 1 nothing happens. 2-5 glancing hit, on a 6 a penetrate.
hit & run: same as in 5th. does not get slowed by difficult terrain.
ignores cover: cannot do saving throws against wounds caused by weapons/models with this rule.
infiltrate: same as 5th but you cannot assault in the first turn.
instnat death: same as in 5th.
interceptor: at the end of the enemys movement phase a weapon with this rule may be fired at a enemy unit arriving from reserves if it is within weapon range and line of sight. this also works together with the skyfire rule using its normal BS against the flyer.
it will not die: a chance for models to regain a life/hullpoint when rolling a 5+ with a d6. at the end of each friendly turn.
jink: a model with this special rule that moved gains a 5+ coversave until the next turn. if the model turbo boost the cover save will increase to a 4+.
Lance same as in 5th (every AV above 12 will be treated as if AV 12)
master-crafted: same as in 5th.
Melta: same as in 5th.
Missle lock: missles fired by a model with missle lock only scatter 1d6 instead of 2d6.
Monster Hunter: reroll all failed to hit rolls against monstrous creatures.
move through cover: roll a additional d6 when moving through cover. additionally auto passes dangerous terrain tests. move through cover has no effect on charge ranges.
night vision: ignores the night fighting rules.
outflank: same as in 5th.
pinning: same as in 5th.
poisoned: always wound on a set amount (4+ for example) unless you can get a better result with your strength. the reroll to wound when S is equal or higher to the T of the enemy remains.
power of the machine spirit: unless the vehicle has not moved flat out or used smoke launchers. the vehicle fire one more weapon than normal allowed with the normal BS instead of snap firing. can also target a different enemy unit if the player choses to do so.
preffered enemy: allows to reroll every roll to hit and to wound of a 1. works in both, close combat and shooting.
psychic pilot: for psychic tests the vehicle counts as beeing LD 10. if a perils of the warp happens the vehicle takes a glancing hit.
Rage: no longer moving to the closest target in range. it now grants +2 attacks instead of +1 when assaulting.
Rampage: in the fight sub phase. if outnumbered by the enemy. roll a d3 for every modell with the rule. gaining the result as extra attacks.
relentless: same as in 5th using BS with heavy weapons while moving and assaulting after shooting.
Rending: every to wound roll of a 6 counts as AP2. against vehicles its AP 2 and d3 additional armor pen.
scout: is now a redeploy as far as the model can move. cannot assault in turn 1 after scout move nor can you disembark or embark.
shred: reroll to wounds in close combat. a ranged weapon with this rule may reroll to wound while shooting.
shrouded: +2 to your cover save. in the open the unit has a 5+ coversave. shrouded and stealth are cumulative.
skilled rider: automatically passes danerous terrain tests. in addition the jink save gets increased by 1.
skyfire: may use its own BS when firirng against flyiers or flying mosntrous creatures.
slow and purposefull: cannot run, sweeping advance, turbo boost or overwatch. otherwise they are treated exactly like relentless.
smash: attacks made are AP2. may halve attacks made but double strength (max 10) and reroll for armor penetration.
sniper: same as 5th except you may allocate every to hit roll of 6 to a model of your desire.
soul blaze: units suffering one or more unsaved wounds by a attack with this rule are st ablaze. at the end of ech turn roll a d6. on a 3 or less the flames die out. on a 4+ the unit takes d3 s4 ap 5 hits with no coversaves allowed (allocated by the controlling player) a unit cannot have more than one set ablaze on it at a time.
specialist weapon: weapons with this rule do not gain +1 attack for an additional close combat weapon unless the other weapon is a specialist weapon aswell.
split fire: a model with this rule may not fire but instead lmake a leadership test. if failed the shooting happens as normal. if passed you can select one of your models to fire at a enemy. the rest of the unit may fire at another target.
stealth: +1 coversave a 6+ coversave in the open. cumulative with shrouded.
strafing run: when shooting, assault, heavy, rapid fire or salov weapons at artillery, beasts, bikes, cavalry, infantry, mounstrous creaturs and vehicles without the flyer or skimmer type, this vehicle has +1 ballistic skill. regardless of the target. the vehicles shot also have the pinning special rule.
Strikedown: any model that suffers one or more unsaved wounds or passes one or more saving throws against a attack with strikedown is knocked off its feet. it halves its initiative and moves af in difficult terrain until the end of the next turn. vehicles and monstrous creatures are immune to this.
stubborn: same as in 5th. if a unit is both fearless and stubborn it uses the rules for fearless instead.
[b]tank hunters: reroll failed armor penetration rolls against vehicles (both shooting and assault) and can choose to reroll glancing hits to do a penetrate instead.
torrent: basically the NDK heavy incinerator fire rule for flamers
twin linked: same as in 5th.
two handed: same as in 5th
unwieldly: a weapon with this rule always strikes at inititative 1. unless its a monstrous creature or walker.
vector dancer: a model with this rule may make a additional pivot on the spot up to 90° at the end of its move. cannot move flat out in the following shooting phase.
vector strike: select a enemy unit your unit has moved over. the unit takes d3+1 hits resolved at the models unmodified strength and ap 3 against vehicles the hits are resolved against the side armour.
zealot: a unit with at least one model with this rule has both the fearless and hatred special rules.



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