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WOW!!!!!!!  Amazing Business!!!

You only need to read further if you have the time to read a wall of text.

         I received my order today of 16 scarabs, 5 tomb spiders(OOP), and 3 wraiths(OOP).   I bought the models from the new web store, which is easy to use.  It felt like Christmas opening my package. I was in total shock with how well the shipment was securely packaged.  The model prices were comparable if not better then ebay.
       I want to stress how good the packaging was for the price of shipping to Alaska.  Most Ebay users don't have this quality of shipping.  I was a little concerned with the heavy spiders and delicate wraiths falling apart in shipping.  The only broken part was the third claw on a few spiders.  My experience with these claws is they will eventually break off unless they're welded. I'll continue to do business with you first before ebay just because of the quality of shipping.  Even the plastic one piece BTP ruler had it's own bubble wrap burrito to hide in during the journey to Alaska.
       I did the math numerous times to make sure these figure had the best price.  The necrons from BTP cost me $138 compared to Ebay's price of $210.  I would've had to do multiple transactions instead of one stop shopping at BTP if I used ebay.  BTP saved me $72.  This is a HUGE savings for a hobby that can be extremely expensive.  Your models had a decent paint job or primer.  I will only have to do a few hours of painting to blend them into my color scheme(black and yellow).  The Ebay price I quoted was for unpainted and unprimed models.  Needless to say GREAT prices on used models.  Now I have to pull out the math hammer to calculate if I can afford the new necron models on your web store at an even better price.
    I've watched numerous youtube videos explaining the many benefits of BTP.  I didn't fully understand the videos until I did business with BTP.  I'm guaranteed I'll be doing return business because of my first transaction of many.  Living in Alaska you do a lot of shopping online to have the best deals shipped to you directly.  Your Packaging was the best I've ever seen.  I could do an email on how much I appreciated the time and effort put into the packaging.    Your pricing on used models is great considering you have to make a profit off the sale.  I'm able to spend more money at BTP because of the amount I saved.   I'll use BTP web store first as a baseline price before shopping other websites.

Shawn, You have a great business and look forward to future purchases.   I've been painting around an hour a day for about a year and I watch every BTP YouTube video as I paint.

I Sincerely Appreciate Your Business,
Paul L.



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