More Dreams of Valhalla- Rough Draft

As you know, a dream of ours is to build a private resort for wargamers.  Valhalla.  To live free on the land and bring the World to us.  Goodness multiplied by bringing more people in.

The following is just dreaming.  I want to be clear this isn't something we're actually doing right now.  But we will be doing it someday soon.  Now we are just laying the groundwork.  Dreaming is scary.  My mind is sometimes full of doubt.  Who am I to dream this big?  Or maybe this is even not enough.

As a joke, I sometimes say that we're going to take over Mitt Romney's Park City Cabin.  Take over = buy.  Anyway, while searching for that I came across some other little gems.  This is in Deer Valley Utah.  I'm showing this stuff because it's important to formulate a plot in your mind.  I make the jello mould in my brain, the Universe fills it with yummy jello.  I am showing in pictures what it is going to look like.

The place we are renting now is 6000 square feet.  We will need more like 15000 square feet.  If designed well that will give us enough room for a few dozen guests.  One incarnation of Valhalla is very private where we just entertain clients and industry leader-types.

I have said that there is probably somewhere out there a place that has already started to be built but for whatever reason the builders are unable to complete it, which is where we come in.  That looks like this as follows.  This property is actually for sale in Utah.  $10M.


Finished Valhalla is something more like this

Or this

Just add a scale forty foot space marine attack cruiser to play on and you've got it about right.



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