Job Openings and BTP

We have several positions open in the company right now.  Please see Sarah if you have questions.  Send an email to apply.   We are going through a full interview and review process for each position.

If you know someone that might be good for this have them apply!  But please oh please only recommend people who you objectively think would be good at it.  Would you hire them at your own business?

Send an email with a subject line as follows "Position-- Your Name".  So, if I were applying for Terrain I would put as the subject line "Terrain-- Shawn Gately".  Get this exactly right down to the precise letter.  Then include a short, well-organized cover letter that talks about your background (as related to the job) and your qualifications.

Inquiries-- setting up projects with clients and ordering materials.  This is a customer service, phone, email type of thing and requires extensive game knowledge and enthusiasm.  Starting pay is $400 per week.

Terrain-- making terrain obviously but also sort of running and organizing that whole area.  You are expected to be able to plan and execute custom terrain sets from very general instructions.  Shawn can help you at first, but you should be able to do it on your own at least soon.  Starting pay is $400 a week.  You can be paid by project or just flat or by the hour on this one. 

Trade Stock-- quoting people for credit on their old stuff, splitting it up into lots and taking pics.  Oh, and uploading it to the webstore.  You need to know most pricing right off the top of your head as well as ability to do quick mental math (totals and percentages).  Good math sense is a must here.  Starting pay is $400 per week.

Front Desk-- Do I need to explain this?  Starting pay is $8 per hour.  Goes to $12 with good reviews in 12-24 months.

Cleaning-- A standard list of custodial stuff as well as general maintenance.  Starting pay is $8 per hour and can go to $10, but that's usually a slow go.  We need someone who is completely reliable, cheerful, and has "pepper in their stepper".  It's usually 8am to Noon five days a week with extra time for special projects.

We also need new Assemblers and Painters.  We are looking for Plug and Play-- people who already have the skill, enthusiasm and game knowledge.

All except Trade Stock and Front Desk are a starts immediately situation.




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