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I haven't written for quite a while.  I appreciate all those who have frequented this page.  I believe many have been encouraged by my words.  That's really neato.

At this particular moment I am in my downstairs study.  It's a room where I keep it nice and neat.  I have a gallon pitcher of water and my special cup.  I drink a lot of water.  It's quiet and peaceful.  My three-year old darling daughter is here with me quietly watching Dora the Explorah.  I'm listening to this:

My wife baked a peach pie this afternoon.  She just now came down and served me a slice..  It was good, but didn't turn out like she wanted as our stove is unreliable.  We need a new stove.  It would give me great happiness to give her a new stove.  I want that so much.  Plan and work.

Jenn Air Stove
Wolf Stove
Those are like "dream stoves"  Holy cow.  Like five grand each.  But that lady deserves the best.  She's stuck through the lean times.
Regular Stove  More like what we're used to.

For my wife's birthday recently I bought her some new dishes.  That's quite a story.  It starts with a book "You were Born Rich" which I picked off the shelf of Sarah's.  It's old stuff just re-hashed like it has been a zillion times.  In short: your reality is perceived into existence.  A bit of quantum physics in there.  Anyway, that taught me the concept of a "vacuum".  Get rid of your old stuff on faith, then create a clear picture of the new thing you want to move in.  Vacuum creation is first.  So, I suggested this to her and it bored into her mind.  She admitted that she didn't like the dishes she had: crowded hand-me-downs all chipped up and mismatched.  She veritably had a nervous breakdown just getting them out of the house.

Anyway, the new dishes are here.  They are just what she wanted after looking at hundreds of sets.  They are bright, blue, yellow and green.  Mediterranean style or something. 

Also, we went to see Arsenic and Old Lace at a local playhouse.  That was last night.  The Hale Theater.  For me it did drag on a bit, but my wife loved it and that sort of thing is important to her so I'm re-programming my mind to like it.

I haven't written too much because I've been undergoing some strange, wonderful and mighty changes the last six months.  I published like two hours of ramble on religion on my gatelymusings youtube channel, but  privatized them again as I don't think people get it.  As a lifelong Mormon there's too much context to spell out to make it make sense to anyone but me.  Long story short: I am a Mormon only as a member of a community and because it is important to Tamie.  I believe something different.  Not entirely incompatible, but notably different.  And for me much deeper, that makes sense of past and present.  Sigh.  I can't really explain it.  Suffice it to say I feel more energetic, more at peace, and more hopeful than I've ever been my entire life.  I feel so good.  That said, I don't know right now if there are others out there like me.  I'm a one-man church right now.

At the studio we have an ambitious vision.  It is clearly spelled out and I am keeping it present in my mind.  Quite simply we are headed towards 10x growth by the end of 2013.  This will represent a meager 10% market share.  In order to achieve that we are making strident improvements.  Notably moving the artists into pods of four who work in tandem to complete projects better on all levels.  That mainly will mean a better turnaround.

We will be going to a lot more conventions and in a LOT more organized fashion.  Recently Rob (our marketing guy) and I went to Gen Con and really beat the street to make connections.  My feet are bruised and blistered even two days later.  We worked so hard and overcame adversity.  Like Questing Knights going through the dark forest.

Hear me well: BTP is getting stronger by the day.  Even now we're effectively a new and better company.  It's hard to get better.  My brain hurts sometimes.  And when a company grows and changes people tend to leave, which is tough for me.  But new people come in and that's exciting.

And now the week in pictures:

 My kids all have fine beds in their rooms, but this is how it usually ends up.  Those kids sure do love each other.  They have a good time.
 Willow eating a cupcake at my nephew's missionary farewell.
 I like a woman with a healthy appetite.
 Willow giving her grandpa a hug.
 My boys on the first day of school.
Me at Gen Con with this super-cheerful cosplay woman.  Super neato.

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