Infinity Beta Special

Over the weekend and Monday of August 9th to 13th 2012 we are running a special for Infinity.

UPDATE: Now extended to Monday August 20th.  Time limit extended to four weeks.

You pay $325 for a 200 point Infinity army.  That's a regular sized game, usually 8-12 models.

Purchasing info and site.

1) We pick the models.  However, we are working with Corvus Belli, the makers of Infinity and other experts to ensure a competitive and fun build.  We will also take requests and follow them where possible.
2) From the date of payment you are guaranteed a maximum three week turnaround.  We will have pics up for your perusal within four weeks.  If not, you get a $100 credit with BTP.
3) The models are painted L4, to a higher standard.
4) You get a Battlefoam Infinity Beta case to carry your new army that you love around in.  This is no extra charge, it's part of the special for ordering your Infinity army during the dates of this special.



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