Reinforcements Special

I have a vision.  I want to sell you BTP fans four armies by Monday August 8 2012 at 10am mountain time.  I am willing to provide the following service in exchange for this happening.

When you purchase a 40K army of $850 or higher from our webstore during that time you will get one unit as a bonus.  Choose one:

1) an additional HQ of your choosing (painted to L5)
2) an additional unit of your choosing (ten infantry OR the equivalent painted at L3)
3) an additional vehicle of your choosing (up to a land raider-size painted at L3)

The additional item can be shipped with the army when it is completed or (if you are in the continental US) shipped separately (the main army is shipped right away). There are some reasonable limitations.  For example you couldn't pick a Forge World vehicle.  I reserve the right to review and approve the reinforcement unit.  You are of course welcome to ask me up front if the reinforcement unit you have in mind is OK.

Here is a listing of the armies we have available.

Note that this special does apply to commissioned army types from the webstore.

Additionally you will have my goodwill.  I will be grateful.



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