Week in Pictures Early August 2012

 Griffin and I hamming it up and taking pics in the back of church class instead of paying attention.
 Willow at church cutting paper.
 Willow hamming it up.
 Jonah getting a haircut.
 Rob, our new Marketing guy.
 A BTP Artist Ben1 in a kurta with makeshift turban.
 Willow's life is hard.
 Oh, it's so difficult.
 Why can't you just give me what I want?
 Sarah with eye make-up.  A memorable moment.
 My darling wife and I on the upper balcony at Sundance Valhalla.

 Willow happy with her drink.
 Business lunch with Rob and Sarah at July Valhalla
 Amazing sunset in front of my house.
 At the Riverwoods for family pictures. 
 I think I took a better pic here of Willow just with my plain old camera phone.
Tamie and Griffin.



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