Local Shops

I got up this morning and got my thermals on, then a few more layers, pulled my hood up and headed out to chop kindling.  I'm getting very good with an axe.  KABLAM!  The dog, a black lab, comes out to keep me company and play in the snow.

My pocket dimension is a clever collage of old memories woven with new desires.  This must be what heaven is like.  I feel calm, like there is a soft light inside my torso that gives me this constant peace.

When I was a child growing up in Oregon, I remember my father showing me how to chop wood-- be aware of my surroundings, and reading the grain of the wood for a clean split.  And how to use a wedge and splitting maul.

I'm reading the new Seraphon book in anticipation of doing a report on that.

I also checked out two local shops.  Mind Games was closed, so I headed to Demolition Games.  I was very pleasantly surprised-- fastidiously clean, good smelling, well-stocked and with an attentive ans knowledgeable staff.  I met some great people and got in at least part of a game of War Machine (played my Convergence vs Legion).

Then had some dinner and played a board game (Pandemic-- a Christmas present).  So good times all around.

For those few of you who are reading, thanks for tuning in.  



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