Newfound Sense of Optimism in the Air

This morning I was up at the crack of dawn.  Took the dog for a walk.  Rain in recent days has beaten back the snow, revealing tenacious green January grass underneath.  Crusts of snow make for a calico landscape with black tree branches against the pale cold of the sky.

I went to city hall first, to take care of the power bill, one of the critical elements to keeping the studio going strong.  I picked up new propane tanks and got the heater going.  Stacy was in early and we got to work on the finishing work for a project (CSMs 01 SWET).

Josh R. came in for another round of training.  He is super-reliable and the team that's forming up are all strong artists in their own genres and showing great talent with miniatures.  I have brought on these four with the specific idea that they will work in the studio.

It was like a to-the-minute whirlwind for four hours straight as artists came in and out.  Drew came in to hang out for a while and was an immense help as he made repairs on the spot as needed. He brought in two trades (see lists and prices below).  This moment, right around lunch, was the magic that I love about the studio.  Happily and eagerly working together and getting it all organized.

We had ribs and comfort food for lunch. It smelled and tasted amaaaaazing!  My good friend Rich came by and we did some catching up.

I am super happy with how things are going at the studio.  I'd like to set up more new projects for late January and February.

After lunch I pretty much just answered emails.  Getting to bed early.

Legion collection- $395 (+$425 to paint)
Kallus Wrath of Everblight
Lylyth Shadow of Everblight
Absylonia Daughter of Everblight

Shredder x 2
Carnivean/Scythean/Ravagore x 2

Captain Farilor and Standard
Legionnaires x 10 
Swordsman x 10
Swordsman Abbot and Champion
Archers x 10
Archer Officer and Ammo Porter
Warmongers x 10
Blightblades x 6

Spell Martyr x 3
Shepherd x 2
Spawning Vessel with full crew
The Forsaken
Incubus x 10
Plus cards (only one Ravagore card, not two)
 They are 95% assembled and ready to paint
Nurgle Daemons- $425 (+$590 to paint)
These are current and in-print, mostly assembled
Epidimus (Nurgle named herald)
Demon Prince x 1
Great Unclean One (Metal)
Heralds x 3

PlagueBearers x 60
Nurglings x 6

Drones of Nurgle x3
Beasts of Nurgle x 4

Soul Grinder x 2



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