Massive Duardin (Dwarves) army for sale

TONS of pics at bottom of page.

-2x Rune Lords
-Thane w/Army Battle Standard
-1x Dwarf Lord non GW model. Might not sell this one unless you want it. Maybe a Confrontation mini
-1x Grudge thrower
-1xOrgan Gun
-2x Cannons
-6x Gyro copters
-40x Warriors with great weapons
-23x Hand gunners
-20x Miners
-15x Slayers
-20x Iron Drakes
-20x unpainted rangers
-1 unassembled cannon not painted
Non-painted but assembled collection:
-1x Dwarf Bomber assembled but not painted
-12x Slayers
-20x Warriors with great weapons
-49x Warriors weapon and shield
-20x Cross Bowman
-20x Old Metal Iron Breakers
-1x Anvil of Doom
-1x Organ Gun
-1x Grudge Thrower
-3x Cannons (skull pass)
-2x Metal Rune Smiths
-1x Battle Standard Bearer
-1x plastic Thane
-1x Metal Lord on Foot
-20x Miners
-30x Hand Gunners
-1x Ammo Transport Case
-1x Drunken Dwarf
Mostly assembled and non-painted Skull Pass minis
-1x Metal Slayer
-2x plastic Slayers
-1x Cannon
-34x Hand Shield Warriors
-13x Minors
-20x Hand Gunners
-2x Dwarf Warrior bits (16 minis)
-Dwarf Army bits (102 mini bits)



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