Legion Army up for Sale- get it painted in ten days

Now up on bluetablestore.com
Contact Shawn at projects@bluetablepainting.com

I have all the cards, but not a second Ravagore (card).  The two Carnivean base models are magnetized.  It's a really super set.

Here's the list.  Three Warlocks, five warbeasts, and 74x other models.

Kallus Wrath of Everblight
Lylyth Shadow of Everblight
Absylonia Daughter of Everblight

Shredder x 2
Carnivean/Scythean/Ravagore x 2

Captain Farilor and Standard
Legionnaires x 10 
Swordsman x 10
Swordsman Abbot and Champion
Archers x 10
Archer Officer and Ammo Porter
Warmongers x5
Blightblades x 6

Spell Martyr x 3
Shepherd x 2
Spawning Vessel with full crew
The Forsaken
Incubus x 10



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