Advance Scout Report

The cool little space dwarf will be available through white dwarf subscription (I'm guessing new subscribers only)

Advanced Scout Paul reports the following:

Tyranids: 3 new plastic and 3 new metal kits. The new codex is supposed to give you only horde options instead of biomorph options. I'm not sure what that means, but I'm thinking more gaunts, less options, cheaper point costs.

Pictures of 2 of the new plastics:

GW has just released a space hulk faq!

New Skaven codex and perhaps models in November 2009.

Rogue Trader (a new pen and paper rpg) is shipping to disributers in a week. I looked at some of the features in this game and holy cow, it looks FUUUUUN.

If you're into warmachine, try out the new rules! You can beta them for free right now.

Privateer Press has announced the date of Hordes mk II rules, beta field test date 24 November 2009. it is unconfirmed whether or not hordes mk2 will be compatible with warmachine mk2.

Chapterhouse Studios put out new shoulderpads and rhino/land raider kits

Battletech rpg opens up in beta for $10. You have the possibility of submitting stories to them to be publicized.

Skullcraft releases some steampunk basing materials



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