I'll be at the studio both Saturday (today) and Monday (Labor Day), ready to set up projects, answer questions or be of any use to you at all. I would very much like to get some projects set up.

Oh, won't you get your new army done by Blue Table?

I am still running the Pandora's Army special, which I think is by far the best deal ever. We have produced about ten quality armies this way already, and have about six more currently in process.

There's also a variant on that called a Turbo Army. It means that you can narrow it down to a single army type that you want.
There are also two copies of Space Hulk left ready to be painted up This is a limited edition.

The best thing is that it's only half up front-- this means you can pay for part, then have about four or five weeks until your next paycheck to pay the other part. The common man can get it done.

I also allow for multiple payments, splitting it up into as many as four installments. Just tell me the approximate finish date you want and I'll get going on it. This means that for a 1500 pt Pandora's Army (for example: you can do this with any project) you would pay $215 per intallment.



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