Uphill Both Ways

Business as usual!

Well we're all moved in. I've been up since around 6am, just revving the engine for a regular business day. I am eager to get some new projects set up. I am standing by for calls and emails.

Everything in the studio got moved from basement level to ground level, transported, and then moved from ground level to the second floor.

It was uphill both ways.

My home teacher showed up with a truck and a twenty foot trailer. It was amazing. We got all the big stuff in like two loads. It was a truly heroic effort.

I think the phrase "grueling ordeal" applies. But it's all done now. I am expecting to get the video processed by Friday afternoon.

Afterwards we headed to Magleby's for fish tacos.

Once at home, after the heat of the day mellowed and the crickets started on their half-hearted droning, my lovely wife rubbed Arnica gel on my shoulders and brought me pancakes and ice-cold milk.

I'm putting the Warhammer Fantasy and Other armies on the block again. All the expenses of the move have tapped out the kitty. Those following the saga of Blue Table should be familiar with these forces already:

Heru Sky Raiders $950
Skorne (in brass and turquoise) $750
Lizardmen (3000 pts) $1500
Dark Elves (3000 pts) $1500

This is a limited time offer. I just need one more shot in the arm to put this place over the top.



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