Fiscal Responsibility

I made another donation to the campaign of Rand Paul this morning.

Rachel Maddow makes me bite my lower lip... in a good way. Here's the civil and enlightening interview she had with Rand Paul.

What's going on here is that the Republican party betrayed its own values. What's seen as "internecine warfare" is really just a purification process.

One of my favorite quotes from "Leave Us Alone" by Grover Norquist (which I have now read twice):

"The goal of Americans who love liberty is not to wield that power [to tax and regulate] but to reduce it. To control it. To bind it down with the chains fo the Constitution and popular will. To destroy much of that power lest it fall back into the same old hands. The goal is not to try and use the ring of power for good, but to hurl it into the fires of the pits of Mordor."

As a small business owner I can say without reservation that the federal government is the mortal enemy of the small local businessman. The city fixes the potholes in front of my shop. The Feds buy F-15s and fly them over the desert on the other side of the world. Or bail out banks (shudder).



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