I want to drive fast and eat cheese!

As you know, the studio 40K armies are sold. Gone. I couldn't play a game of 40K if I wanted.

Renn, on the other hand, has five armies. How can that be? Death Korps, Nurgle (which he has nearly finished but you have not seen-- a deadly force), Yellow Devils, Bone Knights, and one other I can't remember.

I got the Fateweavers (dual use Tzeentch Daemons-- both 40K and Fantasy) all assembled thanks to Brigh, and I plan on painting those up soon. I've got some ideas.

What else is next?

Imperial Guard: with Kroot instead of guardsmen. The narrative is that they have destroyed a garrison of Cadians. I plan on using a lot of vehicles, and probably using veterans. I got a lot of IG vehicles laying about, ready to go. They're going to be all rusted, battered, and patched up. I think I've got like ninety kroot left over from the various Tau projects.

Blue Dragons: I know what they're going to look like, but not sure if I want them to be Chaos (1000 sons type list) or just plain Marines. Marines are done to death, not too keen.

Those are the two likely candidates.

I'm also thinking of doing a Fallen Eldar army-- slaanesh-themed but using the Dark Eldar list. It's been a long time since I played those. Don't see them too often.



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